Born in 1993, Valerio is an Italian photographer based in London, United Kingdom. Before starting his photography career, he studied Mechanical Engineering and then moved on to Photography & Media. His growing love for the art of photography made him pursue it as a full-time career first in Naples, Italy, and, then, in London.

For the past five years, Valerio has worked on multiple commissions and personal projects in a variety of fields, including portrait, documentary and advertising photography. His work has led him to travel to different countries, from the snowy, nordic Iceland, through central Europe and to the torrid, mediterranean Turkey.

In his portraits, Valerio believes in conveying the essence of a person, crystallising a micro-expression, stealing a second otherwise gone forever. Also when capturing a landscape, he is constantly looking for a connection with nature and often a trace of humanity. Available for commissioned work and projects in the United Kingdom and worldwide, Valerio enjoys exploring new concepts and taking on new challenges to capture emotional images.